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Unique Handcrafted Jewelry - Some Tips For Shopping Online

What to Know When Shopping Online for Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Author: mike nielson

So you've decided to add some unique handmade jewelry to your collection? Handcrafted silver jewelry will probably end up being one of the most special accessories within your entire wardrobe because of its beauty and the fact that it's so different than other types of accessories. It's a wise investment and something you can treasure for years to come. Before you start your search, there are some tips you should consider so that you don't end up regretting your purchase.

There's a saying among jewelry makers that you should measure twice and cut once. When it comes to buying handcrafted silver jewelry, it's as important for you as the consumer to make sure you know what your measurements are. Fractions of an inch can be the difference between a comfortable piece of jewelry you'll get a lot of wear out of and an uncomfortable one that gets forgotten in the corners of your jewelry box. Especially if you're getting a piece made specifically for you and not just an already made handcrafted piece, knowing the right size to get in rings, necklaces and bracelets is extremely important.

Consider your budget when you go shopping for silver jewelry online, so you don't end up with buyer's remorse. Also consider what it is that you're looking for to add to your collection. If it's a trendy piece, maybe you won't want to spend as much. If you're looking for an investment piece to be a staple in your wardrobe or a special gift, you probably want to look into spending a little more.

Be mindful of the materials you're purchasing. Many times, handcrafted jewelry uses materials – gemstones, mainly – that you wouldn't normally find in your average store. That's part of what makes handmade jewelry unique. But with those rare and hard-to-find gemstones comes the responsibility of knowing how to take care of them. Methods for cleaning can vary vastly from gemstone to gemstone and some are more high maintenance than others. The care of different metals varies as well, so know what you're getting into before you buy.

There is a big difference between unique handmade jewelry and machine-made jewelry. The former tends to be pricier because of the workmanship that goes into making each piece so make sure the site – and designer - you're buying from is reputable. The last thing you want is to pay for something that's handcrafted only to get something that's been manufactured by a machine.

The biggest thing to remember is to be thorough with your research before you purchase unique handmade jewelry so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful pieces!

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How to buy jewelry online

Many people are apprehensive about purchasing personal gifts such as jewellery online, being able to physically see the product being often the preference. There is also still a degree of apprehension around security and the reputability of the online jewellery company you are dealing with. This article will explain why when searching for a special gift for a loved one or specifically looking for a beautiful new piece of jewellery you should turn to online stores and what you should look out for.

The single most important factor of purchasing from an online jewellery store is price! Most web only companies do not have the overheads of brick and mortar stores; you will often find designer brands or specialist items with large genuine cost savings from these retailers, an online jewellery store is able to pass on savings they make from lower overheads direct to the consumer meaning you benefit!

When buying jewellery online you need to ensure that the store you are purchasing from has some fundamental things in place.
1) A contact form
2) A published returns policy
3) Privacy policy
4) SSL security in place

The third point is the most important! SSL stands for secure socket layer. You will notice when you process payments online your web browser displays a padlock, this padlock indicates that your payment and card details are protected. Never purchase from any online jewellery store that does not have the padlock symbol on their checkout pages!

The next thing to understand from your selected store is if the jewellery is made by the owner, if so this indicates that they are a much smaller operation, this might make returns a little more risky if they are selling direct. My recommendation if you were looking for handcrafted items would be to use one of many large online companies dedicated to offering small one man band jewellery designers a platform to selling, that or of course eBay is an excellent source of handcrafted jewellery with all the protection of a major brand behind it.

The best thing about buying jewellery online is that it is so convenient! If the online retailer has the right software in place you can view the items in great detail, often in more detail than in person (unless you take a magnifying glass!). With the right packaging and gift wrapping selected, the right item chosen you can simply sit back and wait for your selected item to arrive from the comfort of your own home!

When looking to buy jewellery online simply take care to ensure you follow the above steps regarding security and you will have found a great way to buy jewellery.

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